Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bugging our parents

This to all who have responded so far. As this (internet) is a relatively new medium for sharing info. and photos, let's be sure and aid our parents and others who may be wary or intimidated by this technology. More importantly let's ask our parents about the history of these vacations (of course right now, even as I write this, some of them are in Gulf Shores--almost Panama City) What is their earliest memory, where did they stay, funny things that happened, etc. Ultimately, I would like to arrange everything in chronological order--but for right now, let's just get it all out there. For example, one thing I did not know was that at one time, Gerry Lowery's parents went along. Seems as if I remember that Mr. Crumpton was quite a snorer. Now that we're all adults, I expect we'll here some great stories...
In response to my own challenge, I submit this photo as one of the earliest beach trip photos. It shows Bill, Gerry (i think) and Clarence. I don't know if it was part of the family beach vacation or not. We'll have to get them to confirm.

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  1. My mother said that this photo of Bill, Gerry and Clarence was taken in Panama City sometime around 1955. Also on this trip were Hazel, Maw and Charles. Since Clarence and Gerry were not yet married Maw decided she needed to go and be a chaperone.